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About Us

Chartered Physiotherapists are professionally registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are also State Registered.

As Chartered Physiotherapists we are trained to diagnose the cause of the pain to the injured and painful areas that can result in the loss of function. Following a comprehensive assessment your physiotherapist will formulate a treatment/rehabilitation plan to address the problems and set specific goals to help you to make a full and speedy recovery.

We can provide advice to help prevent your problem reoccuring and will advise you on strategies for return to work, sport and aspects of daily living.

Our Facilities

As part of your rehabilitation package, where required, as a patient of Bodyfit Physiotherapy Clinic you will have the opportunity to use all the facilities of the modern, fully equipped gymnasium and dance studio at Sound Mind and Body to do a variety of rehabilitation exercises to help your recovery.

The gymnasium is a facility to which most private physiotherapy practices in the area are not able to offer to their patients as part of their treatment package. It is a very useful facility and can be an important component in your rehabilitation programme.

Please see below some of the facilities available at Bodyfit Physiotherapy Clinic:

In certain exceptional circumstances home visits can be arranged for those patients who are not well enough to attend the clinic. There will be an extra charge for these visits.